Strengthen Your Home

Preparing your home for hurricanes can mean the difference between minor damage and complete destruction. Strengthening your home to withstand high winds and rising waters can be easy if you plan ahead.

How do I prepare my home for hurricanes?

Start by completing your own home inspection to determine which areas of your home need to be strengthened.

Before a hurricane, you can prepare your home to withstand:

When a hurricane is approaching, you may need to take emergency actions like boarding up your house, laying sandbags, and viewing these generator safety tips.

Will my home survive the next hurricane?

Modern building codes ensure that your home is built using the latest standards to protect against disasters like floods and hurricane winds. But what if your home is older and you don’t know what codes your builder followed?

Check whether your home has hurricane-resilient features based on where and when it was built at and get customized recommendations for upgrades to become #HurricaneStrong.

Look Up Your Home

Once you’ve determined where your home needs to be strengthened, it’s time to make upgrades.

Here are some specifics on parts of the home and its surroundings that are commonly upgraded for hurricane resilience: