Make a Plan. Build a Kit.

The Atlantic Hurricane season runs June 1 to November 30, but having a plan is beneficial year-round. By assembling a disaster supply kit and creating a family plan before a storm forms, you’ll be ready in any emergency.

What do I need in my disaster supply kit for hurricanes?

Use this checklist to assemble supplies before hurricanes occur, don’t forget supplies for various locations like home, work, and car.

Build a Disaster Supply Kit

How do I create a family disaster plan for hurricanes?

Make sure you address specific household needs, set up a family meeting place, and determine an emergency contact. It’s impossible to know where your family will be when disaster strikes, so it’s important to conduct a drill at least once a year to keep everyone ready for the real thing.

Make a Family Disaster Plan

How do I prepare my pets for a hurricane?

Make sure to secure a safe location for your pet and create a disaster kit with pet supplies in case of an evacuation. Make arrangements ahead of time to avoid last-minute surprises and confusion.

Create a Disaster Kit for Pets